Advanced Usage

Digging deeper into eeweather features.

Caching Weather Data

By default, a small SQLite database is setup at ~/.eeweather/cache.db that is used to save weather data that is pulled from primary sources, such as the NOAA FTP site. This is done partially out of courtesy to the service, but also because it vastly speeds up the process of obtaining weather data. This local cache can be pointed to a different database by setting the environment variable EEWEATHER_CACHE_URL to any URL supported by SQLalchemy.

For example:

export EEWEATHER_CACHE_URL=postgres://user:password@host:port/dbname

ZCTA to latitude/longitude conversion

Convert ZCTA targets into latitude/longitudes based on their centroid:

>>> eeweather.zcta_to_lat_long(90210)
(34.1010279124639, -118.414760978568)

If the ZCTA or station is not recognized, an error will be thrown:

>>> eeweather.zcta_to_lat_long('BAD_ZCTA')
UnrecognizedZCTAError: BAD_STATION

Charting Station mappings


Requires matplotlib to be installed.

Within (for example) a jupyter notebook you can create plots like this:

>>> station = eeweather.ISDStation('722990')
>>> eeweather.plot_station_mapping(
...     lat, lng, station, distance_meters=21900, target='91104')

This will create a plot like the following:


Advanced database inspection

Using the CLI

If you prefer a GUI: SQLite Browser

The default database location is ~/.eeweather/cache.db.

How to log into the database:

$ eeweather inspect_db
SQLite version 3.19.3 2017-06-27 16:48:08
Enter ".help" for usage hints.

List all tables:

sqlite> .tables

Turn on headers for results:

sqlite> .headers on

Example queries

Get more information about a specific ISD station.

  usaf_id = '722860'

Rebuilding the Database

The metadata database can be rebuilt from primary sources using the CLI.

Exercise some caution when running this command, as it will overwrite the existing db:

$ eeweather rebuild_db

To see all options, run:

$ eeweather rebuild_db --help
Usage: eeweather rebuild_db [OPTIONS]

  --zcta-geometry / --no-zcta-geometry
  --iecc-climate-zone-geometry / --no-iecc-climate-zone-geometry
  --iecc-moisture-regime-geometry / --no-iecc-moisture-regime-geometry
  --ba-climate-zone-geometry / --no-ba-climate-zone-geometry
  --ca-climate-zone-geometry / --no-ca-climate-zone-geometry
  --n-closest-stations INTEGER
  --help                          Show this message and exit.